Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

St. Mark Festival Program

What is St. Mark's Festival

  • Spiritual Competition among the Coptic Churches: Study Spiritual subjects and get tested on them; as well as competitions in sports, computer, research, etc.
  • Organized by the Bishopric of Youth: Always had competitions, then started St. Mark's Festival to include churches all over Egypt
  • Started in Egypt first
  • Coptic Churches in other countries started participating later
  • The churches in the USA and Canada started participating in 2009

Purpose of the Festival

  • Unity of all the members of the Church: all the members of the Coptic Church are doing the same activity all over the world.

    This year it has the theme "Come Unto Me"
  • Spiritual Benefits: Bible Study, Church History, Dogma, Rituals and lives of Saints; as well as learning the Coptic language and church hymns

The Festival in the Diocese of the Southern United States

The following regions participating in the festival:

  • Florida
  • Tennessee / Georgia
  • Texas / Arizona