Part-time Primary Teacher

The part time primary teacher is responsible for overseeing their individual classroom, and caring for the children who are in their classroom. They will also oversee other employees and student workers who work as assistants in the primary teacher’s classroom. In addition, they will be responsible for helping to enhance the center itself through working with the directors to implement policies and procedures that benefit all of the children in the Early Learning Center. Part time primary teachers will report directly to the Directors of ELC.

Education and Work Experience:

Must be at least 18 years of age
High school diploma required
2 years of prior work experience in childcare or a related field
Bachelors preferred
Skill Requirements: 
Knowledge of children’s developmental levels.
Ability to work under pressure and maintain a high level of professionalism and care.
Communicate well with parents of the children in ELC; maintain a positive work relationship with other primary teachers as well as assistants in the classroom; and with directors.
Knowledge of proper state guidelines for the care of children in a childcare setting and willingness to be compliant with guidelines.
Good writing skills for lesson planning is necessary.
Maintain confidentiality about children and families at ELC.
Essential Job Functions: 
Part time staff will be required to work 25 hours a week, but must not exceed 29 hours on a regular basis.
Keep an up to date schedule for the activities in their classroom and following that schedule closely to keep consistency in the classroom.
Communicate with the directors about any changes, needs, injuries, or other important information that may occur in the classroom.
Implement proper childcare rules and regulations in their classrooms. They will receive knowledge of these rules by reading the Rules and the State Board of Education Standards for Childcare Centers which will be made available to them when they are hired.
Regularly monitor their e-mail. Many announcements and information will be sent out in e-mail form.
Implement policies and procedures put into place by the directors of the Early Learning Center.
Plan and implement weekly lessons at the developmental level of the children in the primary teacher’s care.
Inform assistant teachers of weekly lessons and what can be done in the primary teacher’s absence to enhance the lessons.
Attend monthly primary teacher meetings to discuss information pertaining to the center and individual classrooms and ‘all staff’ meetings to discuss policies and procedures as well as participate in trainings.
Facilitate monthly classroom meetings to discuss classroom issues with assistant teachers.
Complete 18 hours of training within first year. Training can be completed online, at ELC, or through other approved trainings outside of ELC.
After the first year of employment each staff member must complete 12 hours of training per year.

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