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Vol. 6 No. 1— April 2006
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Table of Contents:

Mighty Arrows Vol. 6 No. 1
Letter from H.G. Bishop Youssef
Release Your Spirit From Yourself
The Apostolic Age

Which Is Better

Exercises For Prayer

The Inspired Biblical Awareness

No Darkness Can Conceal My Light From You
I Want My Kids To Be Blond

Coptic Lesson 4

The History of the Blessed Benjamin

Love Better Than Wine (Song of Songs)

Word Search

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Says

Saint Bisadi

Understanding Our Church Rites

Verse Search

Saint Boctor, Son of Romanus

Questions & Answers

Holy Book of Deuteronomy

The Anti Christ

On the Veneration & Intercession of the Saints

Youth and Alcoholism
A Mighty Arrows Guide

The Prayer Before Holy Communion